Efrain Sanchez

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Efrain Sanchez

Efrain Sanchez Flip the pharma pyramid

CEO of Growth Logiq, Full-Stack SEO agency & SAAS in Cannabis and Psychedelics. 

Our Mission is to help position Cannabis, Alternative Medicine and Psychedelics as first Choice over traditional medicine and “Flip the Pharma Pyramid”. 


By driving Compounding organic traffic with our ever-improving Full-Stack SEO System.

I’m in this thing to drive as much awareness about cannabis as one guy with an ad agency can. 

If we can make even a small dent in big pharma’s profits by helping our clients grow theirs – I call that win. 

Battle-Tested System


What is Full-Stack SEO?

Full-Stack SEO is where we make every improvement possible to drive organic search engine traffic including, Digital analytics, Content marketing, Technical SEO, Branding (Brand SERP), Knowledge Graph, Natural Language processing, Development, Content Writing.


I have several years experience in both hands on and managerial in SEO/SEM and sales. 

I previously worked for a large Fortune 500 company where I helped 10s of thousands of businesses secure their online presence. 

I live in Phoenix AZ

It’s really hot here but there’s a lot to do. 

Moved here mostly for the art and EDM scene. I live here with my adopted black cat, Astrid

MITA AZ logo

Member of

Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA)  – Arizona Chapter 

I am a social equity mentor for license holders in the USA.

I help them craft effective organic customer acquisition strategies based on their desired goals and objectives.