Efrain Sanchez (Bong Draper)

Growing Businesses Predictably and Organically at Growth Logiq

Efrain Sanchez (Bong Draper)

Why the name “Bong Draper”? Well I LOVE Cannabis, I run an advertising agency that only works in the cannabis industry annd. . . 

Just kidding. 

 I don’t take myself too seriously. 

I also hate all the cringey self-absorbed “entrepreneur” bros and influencers on the internet 🤮.

I’m in this thing to drive as much awareness about cannabis as one guy with an ad agency can. 

If we can make even a small dent in big pharma’s profits by helping our clients grow theirs – I call that win. 

Battle-Tested System


I am the CEO and Founder of Growth Logiq a full-stack SEO firm that specializes in the cannabis industry. 

My small team is globally distributed, we have team members all over the USA, Canada, Australia and the UAE. 


I have several years experience in both hands on and managerial in SEO/SEM and sales. 

I previously worked for a large Fortune 500 company where I helped 10s of thousands of businesses secure their online presence. 

I currently work for Growth Logiq as the CEO .

We specialize in Competitive Sectors like Cannabis SEO and Ecommerce

I live in Phoenix AZ

It’s really hot here but there’s a lot to do. 

Moved here mostly for the art and EDM scene. I live here with my adopted black cat, Astrid

MITA AZ logo

Member of

Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA)  – Arizona Chapter 

I am a social equity mentor for license holders in the USA.

I help them craft organic effective customer acquisition strategies based on their desired goals and objectives. 

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